Sacred Pipe TUPE Program


In 2012, SCAIR was one of five American Indian Education Centers in California to be awarded funding for a Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Program. SCAIR’s Sacred Pipe TUPE Program is geared towards teenagers, ages 13-18.


The Sacred Pipe TUPE Program provides fact-based, research-validated prevention education and smoking cessation services. The program also specifically focuses on the differences between traditional tobacco-use in the Native American Community versus commercial tobacco-use.

Teens who participate in the program will learn about how commercial tobacco affects health, how to make healthy choices and address peer pressure, tobacco-use in traditional ceremonies, and overall health and wellness. Meetings and instruction are held every other Saturday from 10am to 1pm at the SCAIR Resource Center.

Each year culminates with a Health and Wellness Gathering of the Native Americans (GONA), which includes special guests, speakers, informational tables and a “Breathe Easy” Walk/Run.

For more information about the Sacred Pipe Program, please contact Julie DePhilippis, Youth Coordinator or Kathy Willcuts, Cultural Educator at 619-328-0676, ext. 216. 

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